Corporate social responsibility is not just a slogan to us. It’s an integral part of our business. We believe that the true success of a company is linked to the positive impact we can have on the world around us. That is why we engage in a variety of initiatives that build a better future for us all.

Supporting the local community

We actively contribute to local charitable foundations and community projects. Our engagement includes such organizations and projects as:

Auxilium Foundation

We support the Auxilium Foundation, which is committed to helping people with disabilities in Bochnia and the surrounding area. Over the years, its activities have included charity concerts, street running competitions, public fundraising events, and auctions.

International Judo Tournament

We were a partner in an international Judo tournament for youth and children organized in Bochnia. The competition was scored by the Malopolska Judo Association.

Orphanage in Bochnia

Every year we donate Christmas parcels for the Bochnia Children’s Home to support the institution and its charges at this special time.

The ecology

We place great importance on environmental protection, so we actively reduce the amount of generated waste. In the event that crumbling or unsuccessful products are created during the production process, we crush them and send them for recycling.

We also take care to reduce energy consumption. Our factory has a large installation of photovoltaic panels, which contributes directly to lower CO2 production and effectively reduces production costs.

We love the speed!

We are a partner of the Małopolska Rally and the Aquer Logo has appeared at every level of competition, from local competitions to the WRC World Championship. During our cooperation, the crews we support have won titles in the Polish Rally Cup and the Polish Rally Championship. As a partner of the Automobile Club of Silesia, we support the organization of various motoring events, contributing to the development of motor sport and the integration of the local community.