About Aquer

AQUER has been operating in the market since 1999, when it started as a trading company. Its main activity was the sale of plumbing articles.

Today, Aquer is a manufacturer specializing in the production of a variety of solutions for many sectors, including plumbing, construction and automotive. Our wealth of experience and focus on innovation make us a proven partner for more than 1,000 customers from 44 countries. We supply our goods not only to the domestic and European markets, but also to countries in Asia and Africa.


The varied and wide production range is made possible by our extensive machinery park, which consists of over 100 machines located on more than 12,000 m2. High production efficiency is achieved by dividing the machinery park into individual segments:

Focusing on development

The company’s Research and Development department is constantly monitoring trends and technological innovations in the market, which allows us to keep improving our products and adapting to changing customer expectations. We offer complex activities in the field of:
Keeping our status as an innovative manufacturer, we constantly introduce new and safe solutions to the market, adapted to the needs of our customers. We also prepare products for non-standard orders. If you would like to find out more, please contact us!

Membership of the Polish Construction Cluster

Aquer is a member of the Polish Construction Cluster, which groups together more than 400 entities operating in the construction and related sectors. Our involvement enables us to actively engage in the creation of innovative solutions for the sector and to support the development of the industry throughout the country.
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