AQUER is a European, innovatively managed production company, offering elements for sanitary systems, sewerage systems, and heating installations. We are a reliable partner for contracting parties interested in innovative production of elements from plastic (injection and extrusion), rubber and sheeting. We launch new products in building trade, installationindustry, electrotechnical industry, appliances market, refrigeration engineering, ventilation industry, motorization and others. For many years our company was based in three production facilities in Mikluszowice near Bochnia. Now it is situated in a new building at 4 Gazowa street in Bochnia. High quality of offered goods and the distribution system of a high standard make our company a significant supplier on home and foreign markets.

AQUER offer includes comprehensive solutions for:
- steel and polypropylene fixing,

- domestic and storm sewage,
- heating, also floor heating,
- sanitary,
- water,
- ventilation,
- designing (CAD–Solid Works) and manufacture of tools – injection and vulcanization moulds, blanking dies, press tools, heads, and calibrators,
- thermoplastic injection (PP, PE, ABS, PS, PA, POM) on injection moulding machines with the closing force from 40- 450t. on customer-provided forms,
- cutting out and pressing on presses with the closing force from 15 to 63 tons,
- metalworking on conventional machines and numerically controlled machines CNC (CAM-Works), lathing, milling, grinding, drilling, polishing.

Production is divided into the following sections:
- injection moulding machines unit, where elements from thermoplastic are made in injection technology, presses unit, where elements from steel are made,
- vulcanisation unit, where elements from rubber are made,
- the unit of numerically controlled machines, where semi-finished products from steel and brass are made,
- tool unit, where tools and moulds are made.
The research and development department deals with introducing and improving technological innovations. It checks the trends in the market, designs elements, and provides quality control.

What makes our company unique and lets us produce safe, reliable and innovative products, what lets us respond satisfactorily to changing expectations of our clients are many years of experience of the workers and modern machinery. Satisfaction and trust which our clients place in our company everyday when choosing AQUER products are the biggest drive for us.

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